Monday, February 26, 2007

Alaska heliski video

Here's a video I took of a flight back to base from the ski zone in the Chugach Mountains in 2006. Our pilot is Nick - the guy in the Union Jack helmet. Nick flew Jaguar jets for the Royal Air Force in his younger days. We bought Nick a bottle of single malt to say "thanks" for his effort and skill on our first fly day. He reciprocated with this roller coaster flight following the course of a river across Nelson Bay.

When we landed, I asked Nick how far from the ground we were flying, expecting it not to be nearly as close as it looked. "Oh, we were never closer than 5 feet" said Nick. :-|

Tip: click the grey play button in the center of the video to play it in this page (clicking outside the play button will take you to the youtube website and play the video there).

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