Thursday, March 22, 2007

Training in Ireland

Mary and I are in Ireland to say "bye and see you soon!" to Mary's Mum and Dad before we head off. Peggy and Walter like fresh air in their house which means many open windows. Since they're some of the happiest and healthiest retirees I know, I think they may be onto something. However the arctic weather we're experiencing makes for some accelerated ablutions morning and night.

The sub-zero temperatures combined with bolied water advice in Galway make Mary and I think this is great training for Nepal. Perhaps Peggy and Walter should open a Khumbu training camp! If they do, removal of electric blankets from all their beds would certainly make the exerience more realistic.

Ina and Mary enjoy a pint of plain in Ti Neachtains, Galway.

Mary with Easter eggs. It's an eggvasion! The top shelf of *every* isle in Ballinasloe Tescos has been taken over. This is just the begining earthlings! The produce section is next!

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