Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wheels Up!

We leave today! After 10 days catching up with family and friends we're finally off. It's been terrific seeing everyone. Yesterday was wonderfully sunny in London - the kind of day which convinces you it's the greatest city in the world. Walking through the City in the sun has the feel of walking through a boom town. So many beautiful new buildings and new twists on old haunts. There's always something new to see and it's invariably very pretty too.

Our first stop is Dehli where we begin our trip with 3 weeks in India. I've added our Google calendar to the sidebar (---->) so that you can track our progress - or at least the progress we're planning to make. We'll be adjusting things as we go, so stay tuned!

After 2 hours of ructions, we've managed to condense the 5 bags and 250lbs of stuff we bought from SF into 2 bags. I even persuaded Mary to leave her 1 gallon bottle of shampoo behind (although sadly the conditioner is still with us, not to mention the toner and cleanser and...)

Now we're really traveling light! See you in Asia!

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