Sunday, April 1, 2007

Delhi at Night

Delhi calms down a little at night. The traffic is less - enough for the ceaseless daytime honking of horns to stop. Stray dogs now take up the baton, waking up from shady street corners where they sleep during the day. Their chorus of barking is reassuring for the insomniac backpacker who might otherwise worry that some kind of calamity had silenced the city streets. Such calamities might include: rampaging gangs of canine control officers; a pandemic of traffic discipline that didn't rely on the horn as the primary safety strategy; or the sudden and dastardly introduction of double glazing to our hotel.

Nighttime traffic still requires your wits about you.

Nighttime maintenance is performed on the mens restroom outside our hotel. Looks like it doubles as some kind of electric utility cabinet! Are these men from the power company? Who knows.

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