Sunday, April 22, 2007

Jodhpur, The Blue City

After the slight disappointment of the Pink City that was orange, we were pleased to find that Jodhpur, or at least the old town, was in indeed blue. A great town, our favorite in Rajasthan, Johdpur is overlooked and dominated by the massive fort Mehrangarh. The fort is a monster, built to follow the line of cliffs around a huge rocky hill that overlooks the city. The walls follow the cliff contours so perfectly that it seems to grow upwards from the rock itself, of which it is built. This was the way that the Rajputs built their formidable forts and to good effect - Mehrangarh was never successfully stormed.

The Blue City beneath Mehrangarh's walls.

The royal palaces of Mehrangarh were the residence of the Maharaja of Marwar (Land of Death) as the area was known in Mughal times.

The hand prints on the wall were made by women of the royal household passing through the fort gates for the last time after a battle. They were on their way to perform Sati, by sitting silent and motionless on their husband's funeral pyre.

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