Monday, June 4, 2007


Gokyo was the second destination of our extended trek in the Khumbu. The Gokyo valley lies to the east of the Khumbu valley where Everest Base Camp is located. It is incredibly picturesque and home to 6 lakes which lie at increasing altitude above 4800m.

Gokyo Ri (5300m) was a local peak which we climbed for just stupendous views of Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, Cho Oyo - the works. The pictures are pale imitations of the view, but the best I can do until Google invents something better.

Mary at lake 4 (such a romantic name!) with a canine trekking companion we adopted for the day.

Mary and Cairn.

A mani stone and prayer flag (upon which both are inscribed the prayer "Um Mani Padme Hum") ascending the Gokyo valley.

From left to right: Matt, Mary, Everest (no. 1), Lhotse (4) and (in the distance) Makalu (5).

Mary descending from Gokyo Ri to lake 3. Gokyo 'village' is clustered on the bank of the lake. The Ngojumba Glacier, the largst in Nepal, stretches grey and rubble-strewn along the valley floor.

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