Thursday, November 22, 2007

Cambodian Riviera

The flight from Bangkok to Phenom Penh was considerably quicker that my previous trip out, and a lot less effort. The 5 days it had taken by train and bike were swallowed up in 75 minutes. So the plane takes about 10 minutes to cover a day of cycling. I must remember to fit that saddle mounted turbofan next time.

I switched one Matt power for a handful of horse power and headed down to the south coast to kill a couple of days before the Phenom Penh Water Festival. The towns of Kampot and Kep used to be the place to hang out for well-to-do Cambodians before the war and Khmer Rouge regime. The place is full of dilapidated French colonial buildings and abandoned villas. Very atmospheric and picturesque. Things are visibly picking up however and I'm sure you'll see it in the Thompsons Holidays brochure very soon.

Downtown Kampot with its French colonial charm. Kids are everywhere. The majority of the Cambodian population is under 25.

Volleyball is a popular street game, something Cambodia shares with Nepal.

Quite a crowd gathered for the game, with players and spectators serviced by noodle sellers.

This abandoned villa in Kep is now home to squatters.

Forget the car which runs on water, in Cambodia, my awesome little Honda ran on Pepsi! I hear diet is better for the environment.

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