Saturday, November 24, 2007

Gun Phun in Phenom Pehn

What do you get if you cross tourist dollars with Cambodian commandos who have too much time on their hands and a base full of guns and ammo? A whole load of gun totting fun!

Ice Cube's favourite - AK 47, assault rifle. The safest place to be while I was shooting was directly behind the target. With a full clip of 30 shells on full-auto I managed to only wing the target twice :-S

This tripod mounted M19 was a lot of fun, but not as much as the Degtyaryov light machine gun I also tried, which had tracer shells too.

My 30 dollar grenade which I got to toss in a water-filled ditch. Die frogs and other insurgent pond life!

Our commando hosts were lovely, family chaps who's kids chipped in by setting and retrieving targets (they were small and much harder to hit).

Don't touch gun!
Very me, don't you think? Sadly, posing only since they were out of ammo for this M16 with under slung grenade launcher.

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